1. Methods of adaptation under conditions of climatic change in various landscapes.

2. Geodiversity as a link between humans, their culture and the landscape.

3. Geodiversity planning and management in arid and coastal regions.

4. Geoarcheology in arid & semi-arid regions

5. Geoarchaeology, Geoheritage, and Geotourism

6. Urban landscape of desert societies

7. Biosciences in arid and coastal environments.

8. Conservation of Earth Heritage in arid and coastal landscapes.

9. Deserts and oases as cultural landscapes in the past, present and future.

10. Man, and coastal geosciences.

11. Man, and arid landscapes

12. Managing water resources in desert landscapes.

13. Karst geology, geomorphology and hydrology in various environments.

14. Adaptation with karst hazards in different landscapes.

15. Paleo karst geomorphology in arid and semi-arid regions.

16. Meteorology and Climate Change.

17. Oceanography and Marine Geology.

18. Cartographic field survey of desert settlements.